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Your lawn represents your home, therefore your lawn deserves to look its best. To help your yard look great we offer tree pruning and removal services. At Turner’s Lawn Care want to give your yard the TLC it deserves.

Tree Pruning

Much like your shrubs need maintenance trimming from time-to-time your trees need pruning! Pruning your trees on your property will promote the growth of the tree itself and actually help it to live a longer and healthier life. Allowing the branches on your trees to grow without maintenance is not only dangerous for you as the property owner, but also dangerous for the tree itself. We absolutely insist on hiring trained arborists like the one we have at Turner’s Lawn Care to do the tree pruning for you. Attempting to prune a tree yourself, untrained is highly dangerous and could result in a major accident. We’d be happy to prune your trees for you!

Tree Removal

Do you have a questionable tree on your property? Instead of trying to remove it yourself please call the trained professionals at TLC to come out and take a look at it for you. We have the knowledge needed to know if a tree needs to come out of the ground or remain where it is and just needs some love. We undergo a safe and efficient process to remove trees from your yard. This service can especially come in handy during hurricane season! We can help you safely get the dead trees off your property before a potential hurricane knocks it down and causes more potential damage.

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